UncategorizedUnbelievable Wines in Umbria by Madrevite!

Unbelievable Wines in Umbria by Madrevite!

I had the pleasure of sampling some wines from Umbria, another Italian region I am eager to visit! While I can’t be there just yet, it’s wonderful to explore the area through the glass. Madrevite, situated near the border between Umbria and Tuscany, is nestled within the hills that cradle the Umbrian Lake Trasimeno and the Tuscan Lake Chiusi, specifically within the “Colli del Trasimeno” DOC zone. This region exudes great charm, boasting scenic views and lush nature, all near the captivating historic town of Cortona.

The conformation of the land creates a unique microclimate that guarantees optimal conditions for viticulture. The winters are mild, the summers are warm and breezy, and the temperature variations between day and night ensure freshness and longevity for the wines. The clayey soils impart richness and length.

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