UncategorizedMadrevite – artisanal winemaking connecting Umbria to the world

Madrevite – artisanal winemaking connecting Umbria to the world

We are tasting with Nicola Chiucchiurlotto, founder of the organic Madrevite estate located on the border of Tuscany and Umbria on the undulating hills around lake Trasimeno. 

A common thread in his wines is personality and accessibility, from the labels through to the energetic character of the wines themselves.

The mention of Umbria summons scenes of high culture, like the frescos of Giotto, or with forests spreading out over rolling hills, patterned with olive groves and vineyards. With regular breezes blowing across the landscape and decent range of diurnal temperatures, the location is especially ideal for viticulture and olive oil production. Amongst all this you find eleven hectares of vines spread across the sixty hectare estate, that Nicola revived and has expanded since his grandfathers days, intentionally referencing regional scents and flavours. 

While we are tasting, Nicola, dives back into history, referencing periods of Spanish presence on the Italian peninsular, the influence of Popes, and marauding Sicilians. There is something in the drinkability of his wines that conjures discussion, evoking these unexpected linkages, leading us back to the grape varieties, Grenache and Grechetto.

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