UncategorizedThe Three Glasses of Umbria for Gambero Rosso’s “Vini d’Italia 2022” guide … with a little comment from me

The Three Glasses of Umbria for Gambero Rosso’s “Vini d’Italia 2022” guide … with a little comment from me

Three Glasses Umbria
Wines of Italy 2022 by Gambero Rosso
Via Ottavio Gasparri, 13/17


Last year they were14, this year the “three glasses” for Umbria are 15.

The list of Umbria is not bad, even if there are wines and companies that seem to have a subscription. I comment on them because I know them and I have tasted and drank them often.

Following the comment of the region by the editorial staff of Gambero Rosso with the 15 awarded wines.

The best wines of Umbria

“The small region of central Italy is confirmed as small only in size. The high number of “Three Glasses” conquered (15 this year, a record) are the exact mirror of a production in great quality that enhances the reds, but also highlights the whitish soul of the Region. Great confirmations come from the most prestigious Denominations: in Montefalco the Sagrantino ’17 and some selections of 2016 were on stage. The former, despite the hot vintage, offer wines with a dense texture, but now – between calibrated macerations and skilful use of woods – the tannic imprint is well balanced with the rest of the matter. 2016 are confirmed as great wines. Good news comes from the same area thanks to Montefalco Rosso, not a younger brother of Sagrantino, but a wine where Sangiovese excels and manages to offer different territorial nuances. Finally, in these parts there is also space for whites, with Trebbiano Spoletino increasingly the protagonist. Speaking of whites, we cannot fail to speak (very well) of Orvieto. Little by little, things are changing and the well-known white wine is regaining the prestige it deserves, by virtue of very representative products of the territory and with a long aging capacity.

But in Umbria there is more, much more. Starting from Todi, another area increasingly in the foreground. Here too we think that the whitish nature prevails, thanks to a grape variety, the Grechetto, capable of surprising for its character and brightness. Few, very few Torgiano wines produced, but all of great class, including Sangiovese for the reds, Grechetto, Trebbiano and Vermentino for the whites. We conclude by mentioning two areas that we have been keeping under observation for some years. One is the Trasimeno area, where the Trasimeno Gamay is produced: nothing to do with the Beaujolais vine: this is part of the great Grenache family. From the vineyards adjacent to the lake come Mediterranean and graceful wines, of great drinkability. The other is the Narni area, where the cherry tree has been the undisputed king for many years and there are several producers who bottle fascinating interpretations.

Adarmando 2019 – Tabarrini (an increasingly great Trebbiano Spoletino by the one that will be my company of the year 2021 for central Italy)

Cervaro della Sala 2019 – Castello della Sala (if I had the money every year I would buy a carton of it)

FiorFiore 2019 – Roccafiore

Montefalco Rosso 2018 – Briziarelli

Montefalco Sagrantino 2016 – Antonelli – San Marco (I gave my sticker to this winery as recommended company by Il Gourmet Errante)

Montefalco Sagrantino 2017 – Pardi

Montefalco Sagrantino 25 Anni 2016 – Caprai

Montefalco Sagrantino Collenottolo 2016 – Bellafonte (i’d like to taste it again)

Orvieto Cl. Sup. Luigi e Giovanna 2018 – Barberani (In my opinion the best year for Luigi and Giovanna)

Orvieto Cl. Sup. Mare Antico 2019 – Decugnano dei Barbi (i drunk this wine several times, i like it so much)

Orvieto Cl. Sup. V. T. 2018 – Palazzone (They are very good)

Ràmici Ciliegiolo 2018 – Bussoletti (in 2018 Leonardo Bussoletti greatly expressed himself)

Todi Grechetto I Rovi 2019 – Peppucci

Torgiano Bianco Torre di Giano V. Il Pino 2018 – Lungarotti

Trasimeno Gamay C’Osa Ris. 2019 – Madrevite (Vino e azienda that intrigue me a lot)

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